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Innovation on every level is crucial to today’s bridal industry. To improve your business, we look for ways to streamline production to ensure fast results while maintaining standards of excellence. At International Bridal Group, we deliver the most efficient design solutions by maintaining ownership over the entire manufacturing, shipping, design, and development process to bring the most cost-effective results to you. International Bridal Group’s team of talented specialists will work within your budget and specifications to ensure that our product line will contribute to your business’ growth.

Our Services

With a team of over 500 skilled employees, we can work closely with you to provide and adjust to all your needs. We have local agents across the world developing partnerships with manufacturing companies to bring you the most competitive price for our high quality product line.
– Wedding gown and dress production
– Wedding veil production
– Bridal accessories
– Garment Bag manufacturing
– We also Provide CM and CMT works

Competitive Bidding

International Bridal Group has agents in Vietnamese manufacturing companies, which can save your business up to 40% in manufacturing costs compared to local pricing.

Quality Control

We initiate inspection processes to look at your product in detail to make sure production is just right by going through:

Local Servicing of our Clients

International Bridal Group offers agents from Canada who can help eliminate language and custom barriers, which may arise if you were to source your products independently.


We offer free estimates on product production. All that is required from the customer are sample drawings and design specifications in order to give a quote.

Pre-Production samples

Preproduction samples are delivered to our client to ensure satisfaction before any product run is made. If necessary, adjustments will be made to the prototype so our client has complete confidence in the quality of their product.

Shipping Logistics

International Bridal Group will offer daily shipments to the United States and Canada. Please allow 5-7 business days for transit and customs clearance procedures for the arrival of goods. International Bridal Group is responsible for all the required customs, import fees, and taxes of goods upon arrival of our shipping docks. Your business will be billed for delivery services from the United States or Canadian docks to your final destination, which will be carried through International Bridal Group’s UPS or TNT account.

Benefits of manufacturing with International Bridal Group

With our years of experience, we have grown proud of our work. We want customers to experience the same level of satisfaction when using our product line because we guarantee the highest level of service and quality to meet your specifications. Thank you for choosing International Bridal Group.
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